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Since we began operating in 2005, the cornerstone of our company has been to maintain a good relationship with our customers and suppliers. We strive to go beyond our limits to provide you with the best product options, prices, recommendations and service. When you contract something with Inproyecta, you can be sure that you will enjoy the highest quality and great value for your money.

We seek to contribute to the Technical Professional Development and Service Provision of our environment with a high standard of quality in services and products represented, offering our clients and friends policies of honesty, respect and responsibility in each of our work.

About Inproyecta

Learn everything about Inproyecta and what we offer. Inproyecta has been a leading supplier of industrial refrigeration systems in the industry since the company was founded in 2005. We only offer the highest quality products on the market and at the best prices available in Mexico, USA, Canada and all of Latin America.

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Develop customized solutions in high quality refrigeration systems, thanks to our experience and knowledge in design, installation and maintenance; having the safety and efficiency of the systems as a priority.

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